Introduction Time!

Happy Thursday Y’all!

I wanted to start out by introducing myself. I am Marti Jo, the JoJo of jane+jojo. JoJo is a nickname my niece Hayden gave me.

If you dont know our story yet, here it is… 

Picture this….My sister and I were sitting on the beach discussing how we love to go shopping but more often than not we feel defeated when we go into the store. There just isn't a place that sales clothes for our age group or body types. Everything was either too young and if it wasn’t too young it cost a million dollars! And one of us or maybe our aunt said… "Why don't you open a boutique?” and the rest is history. we are one year later with our brother in tow with our own boutique.

Man it's been a blast!!!

Ok maybe not the most riveting story...but hey, it's how we got here!

Anyways...I am the youngest of the three. The one that had no rules apparently. I don't quite remember it like that… 

Outside of jane+jojo I am an elementary school teacher. Most of the time you can find me hanging out with the fam, with my hubby and pup at a local brewery, rooting on the Kentucky Wildcats, or trying to figure out handstand pushups at my Crossfit Gym. I love being outside and most of all love traveling.

I love everything about Kentucky...the basketball, the horse racing, the bourbon.

The best part about jane+jojo is that Sarah and I have completely different styles. We also have completely different body types. This is great because we have a wide variety of inventory. Our hopes are to make EVERY woman feel beautiful and happy while shopping at affordable prices. We will only sale things that we ourselves would wear. Trust me I have a hard time not keeping everything for myself!! 

Thanks so much for supporting our family owned and operated business. You are making our dreams come true!

DM, email, or comment below and let us know what you would like to see on the blog or in our inventory.
Marti Jo

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